Friday, February 27, 2009

March-ing Along with Fantasy Freebies!

This month we added three things
for the months free downloads!
We got in up online in th nick of time!
There is a pretty March desktop calendar
featuring my shy summer fairy-
All the monthly calendars include
phases of the moon and come in two sizes!
I added three fairy avatars for some friendly online flair -
like with msn messenger, skype, aim, etc.
And my personal favorite project...
a ready to print fairy photo frame!

~*Fairy Desktop Calender*~

~*Fairy Avatars*~




~*Printable Fairy Photo Frame*~

Please wait for image to load.
Right click to save image to your computer.
Print fairy photo frame template,
add your favorite personal photo!!

Click to start .pdf zip file download.
Save zip file to your computer.
Print fairy photo frame template,
add your favorite personal photo!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fantasy Freebies for February!

We have been finding all sorts of fun things

to add to the "Freebies Section" of the website.

Fairies make for wonderful sparkly webpage graphics!

Below is the free puzzle game we have in the February Freebies!

And we updated the fairy e cards section!

Have fun exploring the site!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Download Fairy psp Tubes

click image for main tubes link

We are celebrating getting the NEW Website section of up by the January's end.

Now its a race to get that new crafty downloads section
populated with original fantasy artwork that is ready
to be included in your paint programs.

I am so excited to offer the first series of
fairy images as vividly colored tubes!

You can download the Entire Series One Fairy Stamp Collection!
These Designs are based on my best selling fairy prints.

"Staar Fairy" print

"Cottage Rose Fairy" print

"Forest Fairy" print

and my eternally popular, first licensed print ever-
"FireFly Fairy" print.

This collection of fantasy tubes contains 32 files
for the series 1 download!
Each Individual Fairy's Tube Setis included!
16 .png files and 16 .tub files.

The Series One Fairy Tubes are also
offered as indiviual sets.
This downloadable tube set features the pretty
"Staar Fairy" Image from my original watercolor
fairy painting, plus 3 accent embellishments from the painting.
8 files are inlcuded in the download,
4 .png files & 4 .tub files.
This set comes with:
1 fairy figure,
and 3 embellishments.

Fantasy tubes have endless amount of creative uses!
These tubes are highly detailed created from my original artwork.
There is no clip art, stock art here!
Add a real peek into the fairy realm, by trying out a set!
Print and add to your digital scrapbooking, collages, and mixed media crafts.

~happy crafting!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Fantasy Art Download Website Launch!

We finally did it!
Courting the has been expanded to included a fantasy art digital download website. The website features Ina Spicer artwork as downloads. Each of our enchanted products are to be used for personal use without additional fees.
some featured products currently online are:

Coloring Book Pages: Fairy line art.
Stationary: Ready to print, Fairy stationary
Freebies: Fairy desktop wallpaper,clip art, paper crafts for kids.
Tubes: any minute they'll be up and running also!

January's Free Desktop Wallpaper!

Suggested use for the fantasy downloads:
Digital Scrapbook pages

Photo Albums/Photo Books
Web Graphics/Website Design

Wall and furniture stencils
Stained Glass Patterns
Fabric blocks

We cannot wait to see what wonderful things are created with the fairys and mermaid from my watercolor paintings!